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Our restaurants took root in Mexico’s high country, in the small semi-desert town of San Jose de Gracia, two hours from Guadalajara. Our family business, started with three friends — Luis, Ignacio and Pedro, each of us with deep ties to this parish that is really just one large tribe going back three, four generations.

We came to the Bay Area to join our cousins, uncles and aunts, and were lucky to fall in love with restaurant work. What better way to live life than amongst good food, good people and good times? It’s in our bloodline, our heritage. When we opened our first Andale in 1987, we asked Ignacio to make what his Abuelita, his little grandma, made on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, through the week and for special celebrations.

We are still friends and now family. Our kids, our nephews and nieces, their families, we all work together still to bring good food from our family to you. We are proud to maintain the tradition of operating a family kitchen with our unique ability to present our Mexican culture and food experience.



SINCE DAY ONE Our idea of food has been handed down from generations of abuelita’s cooking up a storm of healthy goodness.

Ever noticed how Mexican grandmas get smaller and smaller as they get older and their cooking gets better and better? Ignacio’s little abuelita was the best cook in town.

Today, our food honors recipes handed down from generations of abuelita’s cooking the most flavorful Mexican food you can imagine.  We came to the Bay Area many, many years ago as young men from San Jose de Gracia, a land where agave is native and food has always been influenced by what’s available – dairy cattle and seasonal corn, herbs, spices and beans on market days. Everything made from scratch. Tequila flowed and everyone happy with songs and dancing. Food was always spicy as tequila makes you crave some spice, some life. Everything was organic, local, simple.

Today our food is suggestive of that heritage. We riff off it some, embracing pre-Columbian flavors from the Mayans and the Aztecs and we include a lot of organic, California-grown ingredients. We pride ourselves on quality and keep your health and the environment in mind.  From our kitchen to you, it’s the Andalé way.



All Andalé menu items have quality and your health in mind. They are made fresh in our Mexican kitchen from ancient family recipes updated with California-grown, seasonal, organic ingredients whenever possible. Our chicken and eggs are always all natural antibiotic and hormone free, our dairy products are all RBST-free, our seafood comes from sustainable sources and our corn is all non-GMO. We work directly with trusted family farms. Your health is important to us. So is good food. 



LOS GATOS IS HOME TOO! Viva Los Gatos, California. Being an active part of the fabric of the community is important. Our Los Gatos neighbors have been with us since day one. We show our love by hosting celebrations and cooking up feasts at a number of community events throughout the year. We also have the honor of winning a few People’s Choice Awards, like Best Meal Under $10, Best Mexican, Best Burrito, Best Taco, Best Takeout, Best Quick Lunch. Thanks peeps! Of course, we also love SF and OAK.


Our Murals


We commissioned Greg Brown a master painter, independent thinker and man of humor, to paint murals at our SFO International, San Francisco Centre, Oakland airport and Los Gatos restaurants. Each stunning mural tells our story, the story of our food, our hometown, our ancestors, our passions.